About Me

Hi, I’m Stuart Aitken.

I’m the owner of Stuart Aitken Fitness, a website dedicated to helping you achieve the body you want. There’s me looking all professional —>


I’m a Personal Trainer who works with clients out a small privately run gym in Dundee, Scotland.

From an early age I’ve always been interested in staying active. From running cross-country for my county and playing football for my hometown to being a self-diagnosed gym addict who simply loves the feeling lifting weights gives.

I’m a University graduate with an honors degree is strength and conditioning who although loved working with athletes, found more job satisfaction helping general population clients feel, look and perform better.





Here’s a picture of me looking not too shabby —->STUART-20

That’s all from the about me section. If you’d really like to know more (I am rather interesting…), feel free to hit me up through the contact form below!